Zone Boards

Class Behaviour Zone Boards

Each classroom has a Behaviour Zone Board with all of the children’s names on it. The names are moved up and down the chart throughout the day depending on the children's behaviour.  See the behaviour policy for further details. 

We feel that it is important that the children have a fresh start every day so they will always start their day on the white neutral zone. Children who reach the Captain Positive Gold Zone will have their name recorded by their teacher and a sticker sent home. The teachers send texts out to parents and carers to let them know if their child has ended the day on "Gold". 

Moving down the zone board is not so positive! Children reaching the yellow zone will have 5 minutes taken off their Friday’s Golden Time. The children will be given plenty of warnings and chances to redeem themselves during each day before they end up on the red zone. Children who reach the red zone will be monitored; which will alert the class teacher and senior management team to a possible issue that may need further investigation and support.