Visits and Visitors

We place a high emphasis on providing the children with a large range of visits and trips outside school to support the children’s learning within the classroom and to make the lessons interesting and relevant. Teachers plan to use visits to support many subjects, not just history and geography; many visits are used to support RE maths, science and literacy. Visits and Visitors are planned at the start of each academic year anf for each theme.

We have wonderful visits to ‘Waterstones’ each year to emphasise the importance of books and reading. The employees are great with the children as they do lots of activities with them. The children take some money and the school doubles this amount to allow them to but books.

Regular visits to our local Elderly People's Home are extremely successful as the children entertain the residents who are there with singing at Christmas and coffee mornings.

We go to local churches, Cathedrals and Mosques to link in with RE lessons that are being covered in class.

During maths lessons based on money, children visit the local shop with shopping lists and money. On several occasions they have bought ingredients to cook food on their return to school.

For science, children have visited Slimbridge Wetland Centre, @Bristol and the Cheltenham Science Festival.

Residential Visits are planned each year for Year 6, these are heavily subsidised by the school to allow as many children as possible to take part in these valuable experiences.  

The children visit a bank to find out how they open up a bank account and hopefully start saving!

We also enjoy asking people to come and visit our school! We ask lots of people each year, here are some we have had and plan to have:

  • Artic Quest with their husky dogs and sleigh;
  • A huge rock climbing wall that everyone went up, even a teacher!
  • Chinese Dragon Dancer troupe;
  • The Bangladeshi Learning Community;
  • African Drumming Group;
  • Carribean Experience with Rupert McKenzie;
  • Daxa Mehta teaches Indian cooking and dance;
  • Break Dancers of the Russel Howard TV show;
  • A Pipe Major to celebrate Robert Burns day;
  • Resident artists;
  • Weekly visits from ‘Open the Book’ to celebrate Christian stories;
  • Many authors;
  • STEM Works for ICT
  • Animation Company

We allocate a substantial sum of money from the budget to allow teachers to be creative with their visits and visitors as we want the children to receive extensive learning opportunities that are meaningful, fun and memorable.