Sport and PE

At Hester’s Way Primary we recognise the importance of a varied PE curriculum and offer the children a wide variety of sports and dance. Our Sports Coach leads weekly class sessions, as well as providing an additional lesson we call ‘Alternative Sports’. This introduces the children to more unusual sports. We have weekly Forest School sessions for all year groups and swimming sessions for Years 2-4.Each Key Stage 2 class has 4 designated Sports Leaders who assist the Sports Coaches and teachers during PE sessions. They help to get out and put away the equipment; ensure equipment is stored in the correct place; keep the PE room tidy and ensure balls are inflated and ready to use etc.

Sport Experiences

On Friday afternoons children have the opportunity to take part in our ’Alternative Sports lessons. These include orienteering, hockey, baseball, handball and volleyball.

After School Clubs

We currently have football club for Years 2-6, netball for Years 2-6 and games club for Years 1-2. We also have 2 school football teams and a netball team.

Sports Provision

Attached is a pdf document showing the sports provision offered this academic year 2014-15.