Secondary School Transition

As a school, we feel that the transition to secondary school should be well managed and an enjoyable experience for the children as they prepare for their new secondary school. We allocate a great deal of time and planning to this move to ensure that it benefits the children and allows them to move into Year 7  well prepared for their start in secondary school. We all thought it was best to start as early as possible so we begin to support the children in Year 5 for the move into Year 7 as this then allows them a good 2 years to prepare for the move.  

Headteachers from the primary schools met with the headteacher of All Saint's Academy over a period of time to plan out the best possible ways to support the transition; the headteachers then met with all the Year 5 teachers, Year 6 teachers, secondary heads of department as well as Year 7 subject teachers. The group dicussed a range of inititaitives we felt would help the children transfer into Year 7 and this led to our Transition Plan for 2015 - 2017. These plans started in May 2015 and the ideas will continue to develop through the years as we continue to improve as well as listening to what the children would like.
We hope to use many ideas to support this important time for the chidlren: Year 5 and Year 6 secondary school visitis, early and additional visits for vulnerable pupils, pupil portfolios taken into secondary school, a range of systems to inform parents, Year 7 and primary school teacher meetings for Maths and English, use of secondary facilities, use of Year 10 mentors plus many more ideas.

Please see below for the 'Transition Action Plan for 2015 - 2017