School Meals

At Hester's Way Primary School, we are proud to provide our own catering facility, this means we employ our own catering staff and choose our own menus and suppliers. It also means that the children, staff and parents get to have their say on the choices we make.

We abide by Governments Guidelines and the Food Standards Agency, priding ourselves on making every lunchtime an enjoyable experience. Each day we provide three different choices, fresh handmade bread and a selection of fruit and salad which is freely available from our salad bar. Children enjoy the freedom and the independence that they have when choosing what they would like to eat each day. We also have an exchange bar where pack lunch children can exchange crisps or chocolate for anything from our fruit selection and salads should they wish to.

Our menus are usually changed every term and we ask the children to put any suggestions that they would like to see on the menu in a suggestion box provided in the dining hall. All suggestions are used even if they are not to everyone’s taste, because we believe that healthy eating begins with making independent choices. Social skills are also very important to us so we like to have special lunch days where the children can invite parents in to eat with them. 

We consider our school kitchen to be a hub of the school. If your child does have any dietary needs then our Catering Manager would be happy discuss any individual needs.