Our School Values

  Our School Values

'Igniting a Passion for Lifelong Learning'

'The School's Promise'

We will provide an education for the children which will provide challenge and variety; this will develop a desire for learning that we hope will stay with them.

Our lessons will have a strong focus on learning skills, these will be emphasised and given high priority so the children understand their importance and how they will make them better learners. 

We will offer a broad curriculum which is personal to our school and pupil's needs. We will reinforce key English and Mathematical skills across the curriculum and provide a range of other learning opportunities which are life skills and key to educating the "whole child".

We want the children to feel safe at our school, to understand they will be supported both academically and personally so they can achieve their very best and be proud of their achievements.

At Hester's Way, the children, parents/carers, staff and governors put together what we think are the six most important key values. These are important learning skills for the children to use in their lessons. More importantly, they are a set of skills that we hope the children will continue to improve upon and use to good effect at secondary school and in later life. These important learning/life skills will be taught throughout lessons and the school day. 

Learning Skills: be prepared; work as a team; communicate; persevere; be independent and be resilient.


Children’s Key Value Statements known as Learning Skills:
‘What brilliant children will do …’

Be prepared

• Ready to learn – wake up my brain.
• Ready to learn – work with everyone.
• Ready to learn – have I got what I need?


• Express my ideas, opinions and feelings.
• Know my audience – be mindful of to whom we are speaking.
• Learn the best way to communicate.

Work as a team

• Learning from each other.
• Listening to everyone and co-operate.
• Respect each other’s ideas.


• Trying a different way.
• Never give up.
• Believe I can do it.

Be independent

• Take increasing responsiblility for areas of school life.
• Stay safe.
• Take care of myself.

Be Resilient

• Bounce back when something goes wrong.
• Learning from my mistakes.
• Encourage and motivate myself and others.