Homework Policy

At Hester’s Way Primary School, we aim to provide homework for pupils, so that they can practise skills learnt in class and improve their learning skills which include: being prepared, communication, persevering, being independent and resilient.

The Education Endowment Fund website (https://educationendowmentfoundation.org.uk/evidence-summaries/teaching-learning-toolkit/homework-primary/) is full of evidence based research by educators.

          It states that:

  • Homework in primary schools does not appear to lead to large increases in learning
  • Effective homework is linked to greater parental engagement
  • Short focussed tasks, built upon in school are more likely to be effective
  • Do children and parents know why homework is given?
  • This policy has been written following consultation with parent/carers and staff.

In response to a questionnaire, parents/carers responded saying that:

88% felt that they could support their child’s learning at home

59% felt that homework is important and worthwhile

70% felt that the children should have the homework as set below by the school

88% have access to the internet, a PC, laptop or phone for their child to learn


As a school, we have decided to set homework as the following:

  • Phonics and high frequency word reading in Reception and Year 1
  • Spellings Y1- Y6
  • Times-tables – “Rock Stars” online game; paper activities available
  • Daily reading at home (minimum at least three times a week)
  • Home projects based on themes

Where homework is seen to have an impact is in secondary school. In Year 6, we provide the children with home study guides to promote independent, research and study. This will enable them to practise and revise their skills and concepts learnt, as well as get them used to the amount of homework that they will have in Year 7 and beyond.

Although this policy sets out homework for the majority of the school, it may be that for the specific needs of a child, the class teacher and parent/carer agree homework to enable a child to practise identified objectives in order to “close the gap” in knowledge and understanding with the age-related expectation.

Please can parents/carers speak to teachers if they would like help and support in finding resources for their child to practise skills at home.