Forest School

Forest School


What is Forest School ?

Forest School is an area of our school grounds where children are able to take their learning outside, and develop skills away from the classroom environment.



What do we do in Forest School?

Forest School happens all year round, and in all types of weather! Children take part in a range of activities, taking control of their own learning and taking risks in a safe environment. They explore and use natural materials, and develop skills such as team building, shelter building, use of tools and camp fire cooking.


Why do we do Forest School?

By taking part in Forest School activities children are able to learn about the natural environment, and become familiar with how it changes throughout the seasons.  Children identify and manage their own risks, within a safe environment.  They build their confidence, self-esteem, motivation and independence.  On top of all this, Forest                                                                                                                                             School is great fun!


Forest School Handbook


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