Food Nutrition and Cooking

We have a fabulous ‘Food and Nutrition’ programme in school! We are very lucky to have our own Catering Manager, her name is Natalie and she has worked in large secondary schools in London and even worked with Jamie Oliver on one of his projects.

Since changing over to our own lunch provision, our numbers have nearly doubled because the food is so good and of a high quality. The children get to choose what they want when they see the food.

Natalie works with groups of children on class projects, linked to themes. The Cookie Club is run by the children with Natalie and the Class Teachers support in baking, promoting, finance planning and selling. Cookie Club profits are collated for the children to spend as they see fit (linked to school priorities). 

Children help in the dining hall at lunchtime. Sometimes they help to prepare food for lunch; they may wrap the jacket potatoes, make fruit salad, cut vegetables etc.

The menu has been adapted on recommendations from pupils. Natalie puts out a suggestions box to seek pupil voice. 

We have links in the local community with Creeds, Pates Grammar School and the Cheltenham Food Festival. 

At our school, we believe it is important for the children to learn how to prepare and cook food as it is a crucial ‘life skill’. 

We invite Reception parents and carers in to experience lunch in the Autumn Term and hold a "Ladies Day Lunch" and "Gents Lunch" for special family and friends to join us for lunch. Also, some classes invite their parents in for picnics and tea parties, when the children have prepared the food. 

The magic apple slicer.

We have developed a programme of work so that the children’s cooking skills are developed as they grow older and move through the school and expectations become greater. These skills are reinforced through Natalie’s sessions but also through class cookery lessons.

Floated Image


There is great concentration when making fruit kebabs.


 I wonder who will eat this baked potato?

Food and Nutrition is considered a very valuable life skill at HWPS. We allow the children of all ages to experiment with cooking. Please click below to see some of our Special Events

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