Children’s Zone

Welcome to our ‘Children’s Zone’. Please look at these pages to see what the children are doing in school with the School Council, School Houses and other interesting things.

There are several other pages for the children to use and look at, our ‘E Safety’ page is an important one.

The School Council

The School Council is a group of children taken from each class from Reception to Year 6. There are 2 children from each class and they are voted on to the School Council by their peers in the class so it is a very responsible job! To discuss an idea properly, we have a ‘Class Discussion’ on a subject, this is then followed by a ‘Class Council Meeting’ which then leads into the ‘School Council Meeting’. The children and teachers select the topic areas for discussion, it may be based on something the children want to change or it may be an idea the teachers would like to develop and we get the children’s views on this before we start.

Miss Elliott runs the School Council and she helps the Year 6 children take notes and type up the minutes of our meetings. So far the School Council have:

  • Help design the outside entrance area to the school;
  • Provided ideas for our Golden Rules across the school;
  • Decided upon having a sand pit in the playground;
  • Worked on the new behaviour/Respect programme;
  • Planned the school house system.

School Houses

All the children are placed in a school house and their siblings are always put into the same house. We have 4 houses and their names come from 4 local castles: Berkeley, Clearwell, Goodrich and Sudeley. Miss Moody is in charge of our school houses and she organises all the house meetings the children have and she selects subjects to be talked about and puts all this onto a Powerpoint that the teachers show the children. The staff are also put into houses.

Each house supports a charity and these are: Berkeley – Animal Shelter, Clearwell – Help for Heroes, Goodrich – Young Carers and Sudeley – RSPCA.

Each house has a ‘charity week’ when they organise various events and ideas to raise money for their charities. We also organise ‘Inter House’ sports events like: cross – country, rounders, basketball etc. ‘Hester’s Way’s Got Talent’ is another popular house event! 

Be Safe Online

This is an important page as it provides the children with a range of website links to help them with this important issue, especially as so many of the children now access the internet from a range of settings and not just their home. This is an area of learning that we also cover in school.

Fun Websites

We have included a range of fun websites covering different subjects, please check the age recommendation before downloading a site. This is a page that we will keep adding to as we find more good websites.

After School Clubs

We are always very pleased with the number of after school clubs we organise. The clubs are run by the teaching/non-teaching staff, parent volunteers and bought in provision. Clubs are always very well attended and run through the 3 school terms. We change clubs after Easter and the children can start something new if they wish.

Club letters are sent out at the start of the Autumn Term and Summer term, the children can then select which club(s) they would like to do and then return their form. Almost all of the children get to do the club they ask for and many end up doing more than 1 club. You will then receive a letter to inform you which clubs the children are in and on what days they take place.

Saturday Club and Holiday Club

As a school, we feel it is important that we provide an excellent extended school programme as this allows the children to keep occupied and not have a long break away from school.

Each week, we run our Saturday Club for around 25 children. This is run by school staff, Children Centre staff and parents. There are lots of exciting activities the children take part in during the morning as all the school facilities are used including the ICT suite, classrooms, hall and outdoor areas. Our attendance levels are very good and this is a popular club to help keep the children occupied during a Saturday.  

We also run holiday clubs in Easter and Summer. These are run by the same staff that organise our Saturday Club. The children come into school during the holidays and take part in lots of fun activities within school which often includes water and hoses during the summer holiday club! The children are also taken out on several days trips to a range of different places.