Captain Positive

Captain Positive

We were looking for a new character to inspire the children of Hester’s Way Primary School who would help them to remember our high expectations of good behaviour. We opened up a competition to all of the children to design a new character. Frankie won the competition by inventing Captain Positive!

Are you a Captain Positive STAR?

This stands for Sensible, Trustworthy, Ambitious and Respectful.

All qualities that we feel are important for our children.




We wanted to make sure that the children understand all of these words so we arranged a week of activities to help with this.  Captain Positive was printed on t-shirts for all of the children to wear during the week.

The children were able to participate in lots of activities throughout Captain Positive week.

We started with a whole school assembly.

Key Stage 1 and Year 3 enjoyed working as a team to make stars to stick onto some giant letters—HWPS.

Everyone had a visit from a local poet to write whole class poems around the theme of stars.

Reception learnt about stranger danger through Little Red Riding Hood.

Years 1 and 2 had drama sessions with stories about the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing reminding us who we can trust. 

Year 3 did some work about the boy who cried wolf and telling the truth.

Year 4, 5 and 6 learnt that you are never to young to make a difference with their drama and story—

The Lion and the Mouse.

A visit or Year 6 from  All Saints Academy to talk about ambitions.

The Rock came in to work with Year 6 writing anti-bullying raps.
Cheltenham Borough Homes worked with Key Stage 2, playing games and discussing making right choices and the consequences of the wrong choices.The children had to make up their own team games and then teach it to another group. It was popular with Year 5 and 6!

Team building and games all about trust. From Year 1 to Year 6—it’s important for us all!

Please click on the photos below to see the fantastic photos of the week!

Captain Positive