Attending school every day = 100% attendance.

At Hester's Way Primary School, we expect pupils to attend every day that the school is open unless a reason acceptable to school is given and we are able to authorise absence. 

Attendance is extremely important and impacts on the children's learning. The national average for the last few years has been 96%. 

Please see the forms below to help you understand that "Every second counts!"

Minutes lost time equates to days learning time Days lost 

Attendance Policy

Monitoring Attendance

Our Attendance Officer is  Mrs Lin Green. She collates data daily, monthly and termly to ensure that we monitor children's attendance. This is analysed and used to inform actions and our Attendance RAP (Raising Achievement Plan). These are some groups that are checked: Classes; Children under 90% (Persistent Absence); Boys vs Girls; Vulnerable Pupils who are identified through child protection or safeguarding; Children arriving late. 

Sickness and Medical Absence

It is very important that you call school to let us know the reason for your child's absence. You can call from 8.00am and if there is no reply you can leave a message. If your child is not registered in class, we will call or text you. If you do not reply to these messages, the absence will be 'unauthorised'. We will follow the Attendance Policy to ensure that actions are taken in accordance with safeguarding.

Unauthorised absence

If your child is not at school and we do not know why this will be unauthorised. These absences are not good and can lead to formal meetings in school and Local Authority intervention. 

Holidays during term time

All holiday requests will not be authorised by the school and this could could lead to Penalty Warning letters or fines. 

Keeping Parents and Carers informed

We provide parents with our Pupil Attendance Chart at parent's evening and as part of our final Pupil Reports. This chart gives a really good picture of what good attendance and poor attendance looks like, 90% is not good as the child is missing 4 school weeks in 1 years.


Rewards and praise for good attendance!

It is important for us to reward the children and say well done to the individuals and classes who do well.

Here are some of our initiatives:

  • Best class of the term recieve a cake baked by Natalie (School Catering Manager)
  • Monthly vouchers and prizes for Gold, Silver and Bronze ‘Attendance’ Display
  • Termly Governor prize to the child and family with most improved attendance
  • 100% certificates to children/ parents and prizes; last 2 years children have recieved scooters (subject to funds)
  • Termly reward for children e.g. Bouncy Castle - the higher the attendance the more bounces/time allocated
  • Individual targets and rewards