Our Assemblies are an opportunity for the whole school to join together to celebrate our achievments, learn about Religious Education including other cultures and faiths as well as British Modern Values, with a Christian focus.  

We have a special 'Celebration' of children's good work on a Friday morning.  Parents are invited to attend this assembly to celebrate their child's success as they receive their certificate. This assembly is also linked with our behaviour policies by awarding individuals who has aspired to the values of Captain Positive.

Each class hold their own assembly once a year where they share their learning with the rest of the school and parents.

Hester's Way School have links with our local church and welcome "Open the Book" to take their assemblies once a week. We also have visits from Gordan Rae a Christian Artist/Teacher. 

Some assemblies are based on "Keeping Safe" and we like to invite visitors in to speak to the children e.g. Severn Trent Water and St John's Ambulance. 


Year 6 children also led an assembly about being independent and resilient learners. They spoke to the whole school about the importance of learning. 

Assemblies focus on Religious Education, Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC) aspects, Personal, Social, Health Education, Citizenship, British Modern Values (BMV), Current affairs, Health and Safety (E.g. road safety, E-safety, safety in the home).  Please see the timtables below: 

 Academic Year 2018-19


Academic Year 2017-18

Assembly T1Assembly T2

Assembly T3

Assembly T4

Assembly T5Assembly T6

Academic Year 2016-17